10 features to expect from iOS 10

Apple has always been the one and only company that has been providing us with the polished softwares and upgrades since the launch of the first ever iPhone. Well, that is the only thing that made Apple world’s top phone manufacturing company. Customers loved its small sized phones and more than that its snappy software that was not only lag free but also gave a better performance than its rivals.


Apple is about to announce the next software upgrade for the iPhone 7, 6, 5S and 5. Let’s have a sneak peek at what is lined up for us in this launch.

  1. Removable Bloatware

It was 2014 when Google realized that the useless applications that it has been loading into the phones was one of the major reason behind the laggy software experience and since then they have worked on that matter and made android operating system a lot more mature. Just like that, Apple is going to make the same thing available in the iPhone 7. Apple will install the safari or the mail application in your iPhone, but that said, it will also allow you to delete the application if you are not using it.

  1. Customizable home screen and Control Center

Since the launch of the android Lollipop, the ratio of Apple users to Android users has diminished to 1:10. That means one out of 10 smartphone users have iOS operated device. But Apple is looking forward in changing that as they might let you put your favorite application icons on your homescreen as well as your lock screen. This is a huge decision and it will attract a lot of customers as well. Not only the home screen, Apple is also willing to change the Control Center and is going to let you add a few buttons for your favorite applications so that you will be able to launch those applications with ease.

  1. Making Siri even better

We all thought that Siri will be a different beast with the launch of iOS 9 but to be honest it still lacked that functionality that we get from the Google Now. But this time, Apple will make Siri even better by letting app manufactures to play with it and making third party apps compatible with it.

  1. Dual User Support

Google introduced dual user support in the Android Lollipop 5.0 in which you could create different profiles which would act as a new phone with no data to show from the previous profile. Just like that, Apple is also planning to include the same sort of feature in the iOS 10. This would allow apple users to put their phone in guest mode which will not show any of their personal data.

  1. Blocking of unwanted applications

Last but not least is enhancing the security with the iOS 10. There have been instances when we open the Apple App Store and we encounter tons of websites openings as a part of advertisements. Well, Apple is going to make the App store an advertisement free place for its users to enjoy the services in a better way. we are waiting for wwdc when apple will release ios 10 beta for developers.

The England Euro Squad 2016


Roy Hodgson has been the face of English football leagues for quite a few years now. England began their qualification rounds for Euro 2016 against Switzerland with a 2-0 victory. However the entire world is waiting on the edge of their seats for the announcement of the English squad lineup and Hodgson seems to be taking his own sweet time.


Why the tarry?

The first due date for announcement was 19 May 2016 which was postponed to 28 May due to injuries incurred during the pre-tournament games. However the match against Australia brought forth more struggles for the English team as Daniel Sturridge faced quite a few health challenges. This forced another postponement. So the current status dictates that Hodgson has until 31 may to declare his 23-man lineup.

Rashford or Sturridge?

This is a question plaguing the minds of more than just a few supporters of England. Although Marcus Rashford is new to the international scene, his debut has been a promising one. He has led England to victory in their match against Australia in the pre-tournament friendlies. Till 2016 he has made 17 appearances and scored not less than 8 goals since his first league debut against Arsenal. On the other hand, the veteran supporters are rooting for Sturridge in spite of his physical woes. Sturridge has the experience and charisma required to play for Euro cup 2016 live streaming , but his fitness and form may hold him back this season. This puts Hodgson in a serious dilemma and only 31 May will tell us about his decision. Although most of us are hoping that both star players are included in the 23 man squad, Hodgson may have other plans.

Who will play midfield?

Eric Dier and Dele Alli are sure to be the starters in the midfield for England but the more pressing question is who will join them? Jack Wilshere is a likely name to be seen here, however he has more than just a little common with Sturridge. Wilshere is an extremely gifted player who has been struggling with physical injuries since the pre-tournament matches. James Miller is another very expected name to be included in the 23 man squad as he is one of the most experienced mid-fielders in the current English team. This leaves the guillotine hanging over Ross Barkley, Jordan Henderson and Danny Drinkwater.

Ross Barkley may be left high and dry

Ross Barkley is seen as the young version of Paul Gascoigne by many football connoisseurs; however they might be disappointed this year as Barkley may be left home this season. The main reason is his sloppy form which has been going downhill since the second half of the season. Although we agree that it would be quite a pity to leave such a dynamic talent back home! check all the latest update about England vs Russia Live Streaming

Wish-list for GTA 6!

GTA has been the game many of us have grown playing. As and how the series for the game progressed, there are a number of expectations and wishes that we as players have from the game. There are so many things that all of us wish the game could have. So, here is to the list of things we hope and wish GTA 6 incorporates into it!


1) A strong female character

Well, this without doubt is like a must. All the games of GTA has had males as the protagonists; be it the trio of Franklin, Trevor and Michael from GTA 5 or Niko from GTA 4 or not to forget “CJ” Johnson from GTA San Andreas. Adding in a strong female hero at this point of time will make so much sense to all the GTA lovers as after GTA 3, we haven’t had any female lead.

2) A brand new location

Well, again, this without saying is something we have high hopes on. GTA series has been so much about new locations and places. As of now, GTA has stuck up to Vice City, Liberty City and San Andreas. London and Alderney have also been a part of the game at some point of time, but well, GTA 6 calls for a brand new location.

May be Chicago? Or New Orleans? Or Washington DC? There are so many options and so much to explore!

3) Multiple cities in the game

Now this is what we call an apt wish for the GTA wish list. Wouldn’t it be the best thing that could happen in GTA 6? Two is always better than one? Isn’t it?

4) The addition of fuel gauges

We all know that fuel has never been a problem while playing GTA games. If now, you have to keep a check on your fuel levels at all times, it will surely add up a level of difficulty but at the same time it will also be a closer step towards reality. Along with all of that, the tension will heat up and you well the gameplay will obviously get interesting.

Imagine if you are out of fuel in the middle of a chase?

5) A range of vehicles!

There have been variations in the game already with the addition of bicycles; however, more vehicles would still do no harm at all! Rollerblades and skateboards to traverse the distance would sound like a great idea? This features also come with Fallout 5

 It does! Definitely!

6) Additional side jobs and missions!

If there are going to be multiple protagonists, the kind of jobs that are there as side missions will have to have more varieties. And it sounds like fun obviously!

And that was about it! A very basic wish list for the GTA 6!

What Needs To Be Changed For FIFA 17?

FIFA 17 Game

Here, we have given our opinion about the changes that we think should be changed in FIFA 17. Let me first give you a brief of FIFA.

FIFA means “Federation International De Football Association”. FIFA was founded in 1904 to oversee International Competition among the National Association of Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

Changes That We Think Should Be Made:

  1. FIFA 17 Developers Should Focus on Realistic Graphical Designs:

Have you ever noticed the motions, movements that happen while playing? When a player falls on the ground, the animation that makes him get up and resume the game is so generic and does not look realistic at all. The graphics are not so good. So, I wish FIFA 17 developers should focus on the Graphics aspect more.

FIFA 17 Game

  1. Goal Celebration

When it comes to Soccer, celebration matters a lot. When a player scores a goal the actual person playing on the system should feel as if he is playing actually. We can give a Shirtless Celebration kind of something. option Player should be able to have shirtless celebration after scoring a goal or winning tournament. It matter a lot in football League.

  1. Career Mode

It seems that career mode in FIFA is not relevant to Climatic Conditions. The player should get an option to change the Climate according to the country and stadiums. Again the graphics come into play here. Animation needs to be realistic enough that the User should be able to relate to it and should not seem as if he is playing it on a Computer or a laptop.

Also Check If You Are a Music Lover: Garage Band not exporting to iTunes >> Solved !!

  1. Press Conference:

When it comes to Football, there should be Press Conference for View of Player for the Current Tournament Session. Press Conference will make the Audience listen to what Players want to say on today’s tournament. It makes sense and they are communicating with the crowd or people. This feature will definitely help to make an engaging audience.

There needs to be many more changes in FIFA 17. While playing FIFA 17, the user should be more enthusiastic and excited. He should feel as if he is playing real time and not in a computer system or a laptop. The upcoming FIFA 17 should definitely focus on developing and enhancing the graphical part of it.

FIFA 17 is expected to release in the month of September in 2016. Electronic Arts generally launches the new version in the fourth quarter of every year.

However, the official announcement is expected to be done in June 14, 2016. Not confirmed though, but the FIFA 17 Release Date may just be scheduled in October, 2016.

Garage Band not exporting to iTunes >> Solved !!

Garageband for PC Windows

There were a couple of problems in exporting GarageBand to iTunes. Today, we have come up with easy steps to make it work on your iOS devices. Let us begin with the tutorial for the same.

Garageband for PC Windows

6 steps to export GarageBand to iTunes:

Step 1

On your iOS window, click on the arrow right there on the top right corner and from there select the option ‘My songs’ which is displayed from the drop down menu.

Hold on the song which you wish to send to your Mac for about just a second. You can see if you are working right if the icon begins to shake a little. Simple and easy! Nothing to worry, it is just meant to make notify you about the right move.

Step 2

Next you have to select the share icon from the top left corner which will bring up the menu on to the screen. Next you have to select the option which says ‘Share song via iTunes’.

Step 3

You will now be notified by the screen from where you need to send the song as a GarageBand for Windows file on your iTunes.

Step 4

Next you just have to connect the device that is your iPhone/iPad to the Mac device on which you wish to transfer the file. Open iTunes and choose the device from the sidebar available. From this list, select ‘Apps’.

Step 5

Scroll down to the selection of file sharing applications and then choose GarageBand in the list displayed. The project which you sent to iTunes can be visible with the help of a list on the right; from here select ‘Save To’ and then save it up where you find it fits rightly.

Step 6

Now, simply open the file you just transferred after having downloaded an iOS compatible update for able to open those.


That was all about it. Within a matter of just 6 steps your problem of not being able to export the files to iTunes just got solved. This was quite simple and easy. No add ons and no complicated procedures. Follow just the tutorial we came up with and get going with your created music on your iTunes with the help of GarageBand!

It is time to create, mix and then export! Happy music producing! Let all the music speak a new tune!

5 kickass applications which would let you call in any corner of the world for free

whatsapp 1

The technology now a day is so advanced that if you want to talk to someone you can just do it sitting in your pajamas and all you need is an internet connection because now we are going to give you 5 applications that can be used to make calls in any corner of the world.

whatsapp 1

  1. Viber

Viber is one of the most famous and probably one of the oldest applications that provide the sheer pleasure of talking at just zero cost. Originally, Viber was only used to call other Viber users with no cost involved and with time to time updates the application makers also included important updates like chats, emojis, stickers and much more.

  1. Facebook Messenger

There is always a reason behind every move that Facebook makes. A couple of years ago it made it mandatory for everyone to use its messenger application in case they want to chat with the online people. The messenger application is one of the best applications not only for chatting but also for making calls to your Facebook friends. The Facebook Messenger application is capable of making HD calls to other users via their application.

  1. Whatsapp

Whatsapp got the calling feature nearly a year ago and oh boy, it is such a treat on a perfect cake. Normally voice calling services provide better quality when using a high speed data and they cannot work on slow internet connections like 2G connections but in this case, the calling quality does not drops be it a high speed connection or a low speed connection. The other reason why you should definitely use whatsapp calling is that it is used by millions of people and come on, who doesn’t have whatsapp in the 21st century? You can call anyone in your whatsapp contacts be it any part of the world.

  1. Google Voice

Google has shown its capabilities since the launch of the Android Lollipop, through which Android announced that it has started to mature now, so does Google’s services. Well, if everyone heads to Google for answers then how would you feel about having an application by the same genius? Well, the answer is Google Voice! Unlike other applications, Google Voice is available for computers as well as different operating systems like Android, iOS, Blackberry etc. Google Voice is capable of making PC to PC calls for free and you can even make calls from your computer or laptop to any cell phone in the world.

  1. Magic Jack

Last but not the least is Magic Jack, which most of you would not have heard about! The basic problem with the internet calling is that it is not a permanent kind of account, as in you do not have a personal number or something like that, well, that is when Magic Jack comes into play as through this application you can make calls to any cell phone with the application and even landlines too. The good news still keeps on coming as your contacts can even contact you by the Magic Jack number which is one of the most amazing things about the application.

Five latest smartphones with best cameras


Smartphones have brought great revolution in photography. Few years back no one can think of clicking high quality photo with smartphones. Today as technology is changing with great pace so does smartphones. Smartphones are getting smarter and better with passing time.


No matter how greatly smartphone performs! Still it cannot match the quality of individual camera. Yeah smartphones are of good use when you need to click quickly and share them with ease.

People have craze of clicking photos. You can find gallery in anyone’s mobile comprising of thousands of photos. Sometimes there are events and moments you want to capture and then smartphone comes handy. Leading mobile companies are trying to build smartphones for better lenses so that photography maniacs can satisfy their need.

So check here list of smartphones with best cameras!

HTC One M8:

I got no doubt about HTC being on top. Personally I prefer HTC mobile sets for cameras. For example, HTC’s latest smartphone HTC One M8 has best camera with four million pixels and phone uses “ultrapixels”.

Smartphone will capture more light if it is designed with ultrapixels. Because of swipe mechanism, camera application opens up quickly which is great for clicking instant pictures. Unlike other smartphones, HTC One M8 has great quality front camera to capture awesome selfies.

Even in low light, this smart device click images that are great in quality. The images clicked are so detailed that anyone can print them.

iPhone 6 Plus:

There were times when any smartphone with 4-5 mega pixels camera was very appealing. Now smart devices have gone too high with their camera crossing atleast 10MP. But there is still one smartphone which have camera with pixels under 10MP. Yeah I am talking about iPhone 6 Plus. It has 8MP camera which is pretty good in quality.

You can click photos with the help of volume button or touch screen button as per your choice. Some people has concern with focusing mechanism, sometimes it need forced focusing for good quality picture. Well the quality of camera and front camera suffers in low light.

LG G3:

Next on list if LG G3. It is pretty good smartphone as per camera quality. You can open up camera very quickly with volume key. The only problem is that it is on back of the phone, so people take some time to get used to.

Its focusing mechanism is awesome but suffers in low light. Once it is locked on target, it produces high quality images. But when you are shooting small objects with fine detailing, it struggles a lot to get locked on target.

Nokia Lumia 1020:

This smartphone has been created for photographers. It has 41 million pixels which is great figure. Focusing with this mobile is really quick. It produces very high quality images even in low light. For photographers, there are many options in settings for scene modes and exposure etc.

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom:

This smartphone is photography focused creation of Samsung. It has larger lens for clicking images in high quality similar to actual camera. Galaxy K Zoom works great in bright light but worst in low light which is disappointing.

Easy Steps To Transfer Facebook Photos to Google Photos


Backing up your online or offline data is a good practice. It is essential to keep photos in more than one online place for security. Whenever we share photos on Facebook, then these photos depict our favorite moments. Obviously we don’t want to lose these precious photos. So backing up the data is the answer.


In this article, I am going to show simple steps to transfer Facebook photos to Google Photos.

So here are the easy steps to learn how to transfer Facebook photos to Google Photos for security of data.

  • First step is to get logged in your Facebook account.
  • Now enter in settings through the menu from where you logout from your account.
  • Now you will see at the end an option named “Download a Copy”. Just click this option.
  • Now you will see list of item available for download. If you want any addition, then check add more. In this method, we just need photos so check them. Once you are done then Click on Start My Archive.
  • Now interface will ask to submit your Facebook password again. Just submit and then Start My Archive.
  • Now you get download link via email. Remember that it will take some minutes to receive download link in email. Once you received the link, just go to that link and download the file.
  • Next step is to unzip the file on your computer.
  • Now you need to download Google photos for your computer.
  • After that sign in to your Google account.
  • Uncheck the unnecessary files and Click on Add to upload Facebook Photos.
  • You can have option to upload high quality or original version of photos.
  • Now last step is to wait for few minutes to photos get uploaded.

I hope this guide will help you to transfer photos from your Facebook account to Google photos.